Artist Statement


A brief intro to the artist behind this page. My name is Fariha Khaled and I'm a 26 year old artist born in Sydney, Australia, of Bangladeshi heritage and Muslim. I am a product of multiple influences. My art is heavily influenced by nature and the contrast of the constructed with the organic. It is all rooted in opposing forces that you expect to clash, but meet in harmony and achieve perfect symbiosis.

I first dipped my foot into the creative world when I picked up henna 4 years ago, and it went from being an obsessive hobby, to a business! Since then I've slowly pushed myself outside my comfort zone into drawing, painting, embroidery, ceramics, printmaking and woodburning. 

This is a personal blog as well as an online shop for you to explore to see what I get up to and maybe buy something along the way!

- Fariha Khaled